Member Introduction: bchee

I’m not very good at sleeping, but I’ve learned to harness this power for good, feeding my insomniac brain with an array of interests during my late nights. Inevitably, my music taste has always been influenced by my interests; I used to annoy my sisters to listening to the same three songs for hours, all of which had come from the Digimon Movie Soundtrack. As I grew over the years, my interests diversified, and so did my music taste. Much like my hair, it’s a bit of everywhere – I have a love for classical, a past of punk, and Future in my rotation. I’m happy with most genres as long as it isn’t country or death metal.

Music will always take me back to a time and a place, and with the pandemic this year, I spent a lot of time thinking of my travels abroad. I was still fresh off of a 3-week escapade in Seoul before the pandemic really took over, so it makes sense that a lot of my 2020 was listening to Korean hip-hop, r&b, and K-pop.

If you had to listen to one album from this list, I would vote for OFFONOFF’s “boy.“. boy. has been a permanent fixture on my rotation since its release in 2016 – it’s smooth, it’s mellow, it’s soft, and it’s warm. It’s easily a top five album for me.

Who was in your Spotify Top 5 for 2020?


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