Top Five Television of 2020


The following are my personal favourite television shows of 2020, while again this is the opinion of me, myself and I ….. I have great taste in television so I should be heard. So let us begin (in no particular order):

  1. Ted Lasso, maybe I’m biased because boy do I love me some Jason Sudekis. There is something about that white man. WHEW just thinking of him..  mmm does some things for me. While he may be the reason I started Ted Lasso, he definitely was not the reason I stayed. Warm. Funny. Hopeful. Whimsical. I binged it super quick and I have so far watched the series all the way through twice. Today, while doing my monthly deep dive on Jason Sudekis I read that Ted Lasso will likely be a three season series and while that shatters my heart (I want 100 seasons) I will take what I can get. I recommend everyone watch this show. If you are a fan of quick, smart and hilarious one liners this is for you. 

Synopsis: Ted Lasso, a southern American football coach, arrives to England to coach their premier football (North Americans please read soccer) team – not knowing a thing about the sport, the people, the culture and hell may I even say himself?

2. Insecure Season 4, I am an Issa Rae fan through and through. I have been watching Insecure since day one and might I add that it keeps getting better. The storyline is incredible, the people are beautiful in all types of ways, the characters range from likeable to “I wanna hit her with a bus”, and the cinematography has gotten better and better each season. In 2021, the fifth and final season will air and I will weep. 

** Season four dropped at the height of the 2020 BLM movement. Every week Insecure was trending with black people applauding the show for being a solace for them at the end of the day. After attending protests or just consuming a lot of anti-black rhetoric online, coming home to Insecure once a week was up-lifting. While Insecure can be consumed by anyone, it is very much a For Us By Us movement in its own right. I personally found it to be refreshing to see positive black love, black friendships, black entrepreneurs, and black excellence every week. 

(Stand out episode: Season Four, Episode 8  “Lowkey Happy” *insert heart eyes emoji*)

3. The Boys, while the first season of The Boys premiered in 2019 – I did not hear of the series until the second season dropped in 2020 and my god… this show is fucking crazy. Based off the comic of the same name, this show demonstrates (with the most bonkers/creative ways) how a world of superheroes could realistically be filled with – capitalism, terrorism, mass corruption, racism, sexual assault, and of course lots and lots of death. Its gritty, it’s suspenseful and by god IT. IS. FUNNY. 

Favourite Character: Frenchie – please just one time can he call me “Mon Coeur” *swoons* 

4. Ozark – I forgot season 3 dropped in 2020.. wow 2020 was a long year. Season 3 was crazy. Wendy’s heightened involvement, the kids being in on it, and Wendy’s brother Ben introduced (which gave us a little more context on Wendy). Craziness. Craziness. Craziness. I remember at some point claiming that Season 3 of the series was my favourite so far. I do not remember why per say and I will not be rewatching it anytime soon as I do remember the heart palpitations the season gave me. Maybe I am purposely blacking this out?

Fun Fact: The show created buzz for tourism in the Ozarks. A gentleman monetized on the buzz and opened a restaurant called Marty Byrde’s with a special called Ruth’s Smoked Wings.

5. Big Mouth Season 4. MISSY! LOLA! JAY! These characters came to life this season. The episode where Lola shares that “funny thing from kindergarten” had me gasping so hard my lungs hurt. Jay’s future self still being very “close” to Nick’s parents had me dead. Missy’s identity arc including Devon and her cousins, Lena and Quinta (voiced by Lena Waithe and Quinta Brunson), to further divulge her black side was refreshing. An entire episode on code switching done so so so well! Big Mouth is a show I wish never ends. 

A cool note, the creators of Big Mouth worked towards undoing a wrong this season. This season showed the removal of Jenny Slate (a white Jewish actor) and introducing Ayo Edebiri (a black actress) to voice Missy (a black character). The choice of having that transition in the episode where Missy finally accepts herself and her previously suppressed black heritage was done very interestingly and in my own personal opinion done incredibly well.  

Honorable mentions:

  • I May Destroy You, so I did not actually watch this series BUT HEAR ME OUT – I’m too scared to. Not in the “things go bump in the night” scared but in a “this will be very triggering, heartbreaking and will make me spiral into my emotions” scared. Michaela Cole is who I would love to be if I could be reborn into someone who already exists. The way the woman created both Chewing Gum AND I May Destroy You is a woman who’s brain I want to take camp in. I May Destroy You interweaves the harrowing stories of multiple different sexual assaults with dark humour and realism. I have not watched it but I will and I know I will like it and therefore it is on my list… so shush

Need something a little less heavy to consume first? Chewing Gum is another brilliant piece of work from Michaela Cole and I kid you not you will laugh so hard you will hurt. 

  • Schitt’s Creek, who am I if I do not add Canada’s gem that swept the Emmy’s. I have to admit- I have never seen an episode. BUT I WILL I PROMISE. I think Dan Levy is hilarious from his MTV After Show days. I think Eugene Levy is a classic staple for Canadian culture. I think Catharine O’Hara is a brilliant comedienne. My sisters have raved about Schitt’s Creek for quite some time and I also believe they might ostracize me if I don’t get on that. History has demonstrated that Canadian television shows do not typically make waves outside of Canada but Schitt’s Creek broke those records and for that I will be bingeing that asap. 

* Schitt’s Creek received NINE awards at the 2020 Primetime Emmys for the following:

  • Outstanding Comedy Series
  • Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series – Eugene Levy
  • Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series – Catherine O’Hara
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series – Annie Murphy 
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series – Daniel Levy
  • Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series – Daniel Levy 
  • Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series – Daniel Levy and Andrew Cividino 
  • Outstanding Contemporary Costumes – Debra Hanson and Darci Cheyne
  • Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series – Lisa Parasyn and Jon Comerfort

Here it is. Please enjoy as much as I did and also you’re welcome.

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