When it’s too hot to be out.


Every day it’s getting hotter and hotter, and with that being said, there are two people in the world. There’s the type of person who goes outside and bikes, picnics, and does other extraneous outdoor activities in the sun that they enjoy (yuck). OR there are people like me who spend an hour in direct sunlight and endure heatstroke for the next 48hours. For the heat-avoidant people, this post is for you. I want to list a few television shows to binge for your weekends indoors (and in the dark with the fan on.)


Imagine you’re out at a party for New Year’s Eve, you meet someone, go home with them, and the following day before you graciously make your (shameful) exit, you notice that they are a world famous actor. This HBO Max (Crave for us Canadians) show is Starstruck, and it was hilarious and cringe and I binged all six episodes in one sitting during my “lunch break.” I do not regret a single moment. It’s a quick watch, but it’s also relatable and feel-good and also actors are just as bad as dating as the rest of us.

Mare of Easttown

I watched all seven episodes and was convinced the setting was Ireland before I found it is set in Philadelphia !?!? So defs my bad, but besides my apparent lack of accent recognition, this show is good. The show gives strong True Detective/ Top Of The Lake vibes. You know, gritty crime in a small town with twists and turns in the last few episodes that give you ‘screaming at the tv’ anxiety? Yup, this is it.

Made for Love

Woman marries man after one date, man is a tech billionaire and keeps her isolated for ten years, woman escapes with the help of a dolphin. You know? The usual. For real though, this show is wild. Ray Ramano is also a cast member and my favourite character who is a bonafide weirdo. Made for Love is a dark comedy with layers of elements that I assure you will love. Also let’s be honest; we’re all a little weird, aren’t we? (Please watch and message me about it I have so many thoughts and feelings)

P.S Whether you have time or not, watch these shows. I have great taste in television

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