Songs of the Summer for 2021…So Far

So most Canadians dealt with a heat wave over the last week and if you did, then you know summer is very much upon us. The energy’s shifting, people are a lot more active than they were and are ready to start hitting events again. With events slowly coming back, I spent time asking myself “what record will be considered the song of the summer?” Some people would probably just talk about one single record that they really like but in typical blkcory fashion I present to you 5 songs that I feel could claim that title 2021…well so far at least. Here’s my list of my top 5 favourite records for summer 2021.

*Disclaimer: The summer is far from over, this list is subject to change at any given time on any given day.*

Young Dolph & Key Glock – Penguins

“Is he a street n*gga or a rich n*gga? Bitch, I’m both” – Young Dolph

Let me start off by saying I’m neither of the things listed above but I really like this track. This is exactly what I want to hear when I step into a function. It’s a song you play when it’s hot out but you want to feel icy. It’s the song you play when everyone’s got their sunnys* off but bun dat*, you decided to keep yours on. I don’t even listen to Dolph like that but I can’t deny this song (the whole album’s fire too). This track will go off anywhere you play it. So DJs, play it…please. 

Young Thug & Gunna – Ski

This song makes the list simply because I want to yell “yah” with my friends while doing a dance that requires no actual skiing technique or genuine dance skills. In other words, everyone can do it and have a good time and that’s a relief, because the last time I went skiing, I somehow ended up in a tree and it wasn’t a good time (you can ask the squirrels). 

Anyways Thugger and Gunna are always a good time when they collaborate and we all know someone that’s a server that likes to hit the slopes* on shift before they bring you your drinks so why can’t “Ski” be the anthem to your summer?

Fredo Bang feat. Lil Durk – Top (Remix)

Listen, this song came out in the middle of January and has not left my rotation. This track is as hot as the streets when it’s 40 degrees celsius outside. What Fredo Bang and Durk did on the record has been underappreciated this entire year but as people start to reunite and celebrate together, that needs to change. This track slaps. That’s a guarantee or your money back (if you truly end up disliking the song, I just want to confirm that funds will not be sent over from my account as compensation). 

42 Dugg feat. Roddy Ricch – 4 Da Gang

You might not always like his voice but 42 Dugg keeps a hit in the tuck* and this is one of them. I want to say that this was the first (if not one of the first) records we’d heard from Roddy Ricch with the new hair and it was nice to hear him on a record that was definitely meant to be played at clubs, pool parties and day parties. Who would have thought that 42 Dugg and Roddy Ricch would rap on a beat that samples Scorpion’s “No One Like You” and turn it into another banger? Everything Dugg says in his lyrics is hectic but he found a way to spin into something you can play when the party’s on go-mode. 

Russ Millions & Tion Wayne – Body 

If I was going to put a sleeper pic on this list, this would be it. Play this in a setting with women and tell me they don’t bop to it even though it’s a drill record. Rule of thumb is, if the women like it, it’s a hit. This theory has yet to be proven wrong so until then, guess what? This could be a lowkey summer anthem depending on where you step out this summer. If you play it for a girl and she decides she likes your taste in music and will continue to talk to you,  just remember who put you on. I don’t ask for much. 

You’ve seen my picks and my reasoning for them, what are some of your top picks for song of the summer so far? Let us know in the comments section on our IG @day.four


Sunnys – sunglasses (I heard Jay-Z say it once)

Bun dat – forget that, I’m going to do whatever I want

Hit the Slopes – To partake in the inhalation of a white powdered substance that many would consider illegal (including the government)

Slaps – A song that is very good 

In the Tuck – To keep on layaway or saving something good for later 

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