Pass the AUX! – August

– blkcory & e

Pass the Aux, a series dedicated to amplifying new and upcoming musicians. We will get you up-to-date in discovering new music monthly to the point where your friends will ask you to “pass the aux!” The Thursday of every month consists of some of the members of dayfour choosing musicians to highlight. We will give you our thoughts, our feelings and our theories on those musicians (strictly from a consumer standpoint).

*Have you got new music you want people to hear? Or perhaps you know someone that you think makes great music and just hasn’t had their big break? Make sure to follow us on IG and email links/information on new music to: We’ll be reviewing all submissions and deciding to focus on someone new each month. 


day four’s pick: RICO

We’re keeping the hometown flow going with this August Pass the AUX instalment. This month I wanted to highlight the hometown crooner RICO. He’s an artist who you can tell has taken his experiences, turned them into songs and sprinkled elements of the northside throughout every record. Might be bias but its northside music so I gotta speak bout dem tings.


This is RICO’s latest and one of my favs in his short discography. It’s dark, it’s moody and honestly, sounds really current. This is definitely something you can cruise around late night in the whip to in gloomy weather (I know, very specific setting). I’m not all that familiar with eros as a producer but big ups to them. The beat’s hard yo. 


Yo nah I’m feelin this! Forget shorties, get your paper king! We have all related to this at some point or another. That person that’s interested in you is cool and all but we focused on getting our bread up! 

This is another well produced track. The vocals come through a lot clearer than expected with all that bass in the beat. I don’t know who mixes RICO’s stuff but bare ratings to them. Also this music video is hard fam, this guy and his team are killin it. 


Another moody record but this one has RICO dealing with the insecurities that can come with being in a tricky situation with someone. Miscommunication, misguided attraction, the whole works are in this one. If you’ve ever been in a situationship, these are essentially all the issues that come with them in a 2 minute record. My only critique with this one is I wish it was longer because he was really onto something with that verse. 

Overall I think RICO’s music truly comes alive when its raining late at night and you’re out in your whip parked outside of a Circle K. Get yourself one of them coloured LED lights for a room in your place, pour your drink/light up and reminisce on what could have been. Or don’t, whatever gets you to listen to these records, do that. His music can be found on Spotify and Soundcloud. Also, be sure to follow him on IG: @r1comadeit

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