Songs That Didn’t Need a Feature

I don’t know if you’ve been outside at all, but Wizkid’s Essence is still in rotation everywhere. I don’t think I end up going more than a few weeks before finding myself listening to this song again. It’s a perfect single on an arguably perfect album. I don’t think I’ve met anyone that dislikes the song…until the remix came out. Now don’t get me wrong Justin Bieber makes a lot of hits and even has an album that I genuinely enjoy. However, this was not one of those hits…it’s not even close. I don’t know who asked for the Essence (Remix) to feature Justin Bieber but I can tell you that it did not do what the original song did for me (which was make me feel good inside). This remix makes me genuinely upset (why he gotta do my song like this?) In my sadness,  I ended up making a list of other songs that I personally think just didn’t need a feature because the original song was better or the song was better without the added verse.

*This post is going to sound like a lot of hate, but truth be told, I like these artists and their music…I just really don’t like these features.*

Wizkid feat. Tems & Justin Bieber – Essence (Remix)

Honestly, I thought I was done ranting about this too but here we are fam. Wa di ass* is this?! This is the remix that should have never happened. Nothing about the Bieber verse matches the energy you get from Wizkid, Tems or really anything else on the Made In Lagos album. Justin Bieber is definitely not from Lagos and you could tell. I am not a Bielieber* fam and I couldn’t be after this heinous crime that was committed. Okay, I think I’m done now. 

Snoh Aalegra ft. Pharrell – Woah (Remix)

Snoh Aalegra put out my favourite album of 2019 with – Ugh, those feels again, and “Woah” was a single I genuinely enjoyed. Having Pharell on a remix to anything is huge (so congrats Snoh), but this remix didn’t move the needle enough for me. If you just take out his verse, I genuinely think the song is better. To me remixes used to be something that adds a new dimension to the record, I don’t think this did that.

The Weeknd ft. Eminem – The Hills (Remix)

Fam, Eminem is almost too skilled as a technical rapper to rap on this record. I found as he aged, it became his gift and his curse. The rapping itself is spot on but I don’t actually want to hear him on this song. He does what Eminem does but this didn’t do it for me. Also, if I’m being real I definitely remember that I could not play this remix for women. They asked me for the original version almost every single time I ever tried to play it. The original version was the one. 

Travis Scott ft. Skrillex – Sicko Mode (Remix)

*Disclaimer, I am not the biggest EDM and Dubstep fan*

Honestly, I heard this remix and took off my headphones. By the 2:30 mark, I just had to accept that this remix wasn’t for me and I was never going to play it anywhere. As far as reaching a new audience goes, this was probably the play but it’s one remix I can do without because the original “Sicko Mode” is just too fire to change up. 

The Game ft. Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Fabolous, Jeremih – All That (Lady)

This song is heat I won’t lie, everyone does their thing and then they just decide to fade out the Fabolous verse at the end…*insert any WTF meme here*. If that was the plan from the jump then why have his verse at all? As soon as you get into it, the song fades out into the night and the whole thing is over. I remember torrenting this album when it first came out. I thought I simply downloaded the messed-up version and that it was karma for not paying for the music. It wasn’t karma, it’s just pretty weird execution. 

2 Chainz ft. Ty Dolla $ign, Trey Songz and Jhene Aiko – It’s a Vibe

This one is going to be a hot take* but hear me out…imagine this song without the Trey Songz part. I loved peak career Trey Songz’s music probably more than the next guy but this song is better without his verse. I’d even argue that you can just take Jhene’s verse out too but women might send for* me. Anyways, Ty Dolla $ign should have started and ended this song. He killed it, that’s why his verse came first people. 

That would conclude my list but I’m interested in hearing your takes. Do you agree with the list? If you could add songs to your list, what would they be? Let us know in the comments on our IG @day.four.


Wa di ass what the hell, are you serious?

Bielibera disciple of Justin Bieber

Send For Me – to be attacked or dissed

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