Give Them Their Flowers Vol.1

I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but a lot of great music’s been out this year. More music than a lot of us might realize. I’m not sure what my top 10 albums for the year will look like come December, but I wanted to make sure I took some time to talk about some projects (albums, EPs, mixtapes) that might fall outside that list. These are projects that I’ve got in rotation and personally think are worth your ear. So as Nore would say, it’s time to give these artists “their flowers”!

Tems – If Orange Was a Place 

This EP is incredible fam. It’s something you can feel before you actually take in what she’s saying and when you take in what she’s saying, you realize this EP is incredible fam! Tems that sang on “Essence” makes great music and I personally think she’s made big strides towards shape her sound in comparison to her last EP. Artist progression is always cool to see and Tems is a great example of it. I have yet to be in a mood where I can’t listen to this EP since it came out. If it was album, it would probably make it into my top 10 this year. This EP is that good! 

Standout Songs: All of Them – as in play all of the songs fomlay*

Sainté – Out The Blue (EP)

I don’t know if you’re into the whole UK music scene but if you are and you haven’t listened to Sainté, you should. Every time he puts out new music it stretches the enveloppe in terms of what you think you can expect from him. It’s never the exact same but it has yet to sound like something that doesn’t fit into his discography. To me this is one of his most cohesive bodies of work. 

Standout Songs: West, Azure, 03’, No Love 

ndkm – introspect. (EP)

ndkm’s debut EP is probably the only project on this list without song lyrics but let me tell you right now, that it does not take away from the listening experience . It’s an EP of beat production that you can just vibe when you’re in the right mood. It’s great for late nights on your ones*, chill evenings or anytime that you want to be sad just to feel something (hey it happens to the best of us). If you’re here for the sadboi anthems, give it a listen. You will feel a way in your own home even if it’s sunny out. Guarantee or your money back!

Standout Songs: jazzyfacts, gone, intrspct

Dave East & Harry Fraud – Hoffa (Album)

This is the kind of Dave East project I’m looking for man! 12-14 songs where he just rap raps. Forget the commercial single and mainstream efforts. I understand that the game is the game but to me,  Dave is at his best when he’s on those gritty NY soul and samples and just talks for the streets man. Harry Fraud was able to bring the best out of East on this. It’s a collaboration that make much more sense when you hear it. 

Standout Songs: The Disappearance, 60 For The Lawyer, Money or Power, Count It Up, The Win

Headie One – Too Loyal for my Own Good (Mixtape)

Ayo* you thought Headie One wasn’t making this list?! You were sadly mistaken! This mixtape is what happens when a real roadman becomes a real artist. There’s songs on here that I arguably like more than songs on his debut album Edna. The “Godfather of UK Drill” got in a new bag and is giving us introspective records about being tied to the streets but and trying to make a career in the music industry. Both come with risks and both leaves scars. Give this man his flowers fam, give the man his flowers. 

Standout Songs: Too Loyal…, 2 Chains, Louis Vuitton Collar, Long Night in Knightsbridge, PTSD, Satisfy Me, …For My Own Good

Is there a project you’re listening to this year that you think deserves it’s flowers? Let us know in the comments on our Instagram @dayfour. This won’t be the last of these installments between now and the end of the year so let us know what you’re listening to! 


Fomlay – family (I moved to Toronto and they told me you gotta spell it how you say it)

On Your Ones on your own, solo, by yourself

Ayohello/any informal greeting

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