Pass The Aux! – November 2021

Pass the Aux, a series dedicated to amplifying new and upcoming musicians. We will get you up-to-date in discovering new music monthly to the point where your friends will ask you to “pass the aux!” The first Thursday of every month consists of some of the members of dayfour choosing musicians to highlight. We will give you our thoughts, our feelings and our theories on those musicians (strictly from a consumer standpoint). 

*Have you got new music you want people to hear? Or perhaps you know someone that you think makes great music and just hasn’t had their big break? Make sure to follow us on IG and email links/information on new music to: We’ll be reviewing all submissions and deciding to focus on someone new each month. 

blkcory’s pick:

For my November pass the aux pick, I’d like to end the 3 part series I’ve been doing over the past few months and conclude my thoughts on the artists from the live show in Kensignton Market (still don’t know the name of the show and I asked someone so yeah). Honestly, the show was just stacked incredible with up-and-coming Toronto talent and I needed to talk about it. If you liked the music from Joyia and HMLT, then you’ve seen this man’s name! But do you know his music? I’m talking about the producer, singer-songwriter, beatboxer and street dancer KEI-LI. Still not ringing a bell? Well, let me put you on to 3 songs that will put his music in your rotation.

KEI-LI x Robotaki – GTA Funk ft. Clairmont the Second

The title of this song is 100% spot on. This is something you’d have playing in your car in GTA on a funk radio station while you’re driving down some highway at night. Or better yet, do it in real life somewhere fam. It’ll have the same feeling, trust. The song is good and the video is pretty unique.  I’m a big fan of trumpets and the saxophone on beats though so there’s some bias here but who cares when the music is great right? Right?

HLMT x KEI-LI x Joyia – Last Call 

This is arguably my favourite song with all 3 of these artists collaborating. The tone in Kei-Li’s voice really makes the lyrics stand out that much more when you’re listening to the song. That along with the production and Joyia’s vocals on the hook?! Yeah nah, this song is outta here* I can play this song at any time of day. 

KeI-LI x HMLT – Two Cities

When I heard him perform this at the live show I remember immediately putting down my drink and looking at my friends like “ayo, all of these people have talent like this tonight hey?” Imagine this song with live instrumentation, it’s a full on vibe! This guy had me singing “I’ll be there for you” (in my head) and I didn’t even know the song before the show. It’s one of those records you just feel you know? 

Shoutout to Kei-Li and best of luck with the next chapter in your career in Seattle. I’m glad I got to see you perform before you left and I hope you continue to make incredible music in the states. If you’re ever in the Seattle area and see his name listed for a concert, I promise you that you won’t regret buying tickets.


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