Concert Review: Teyana Taylor

IG: @TeyanaTalyor

– blkcory

*Disclaimer: I’d show the videos I have from the concert but the way the girl in front of me would find a way to have her camera out in one hand and her other hand out like she was in church in some of my videos was crazy*

Last week Thursday in Toronto, I got mad lucky and got my hands on some tickets to my first Teyana Taylor concert. Sadly, it might be the last since because she’s retiring. I didn’t realize read the name of the tour at all, so I’m thinking she just said it in an interview once you know? I walked into the venue thinking I was just going to her last Canadian show for a while. Then my homegirl tells me the tour’s called “The Last Rose Petal…Farewell Tour”…so yeah, Teyana is pretty deadass* about this. Now that I’ve seen her perform, it’s crazy to think that this really is supposed to be her last go at music. It’s such a shame. If you were in that room last week, whether you were a passive fan or an active fan, you saw one of the best live shows you can pay for and I’m here to talk about it.

First off, I need to address something entirely separate from the show itself. Teyana Taylor had that spot lookin’ like Essence Fest. Beautiful black women from across the country were in the mix*. Some sing on key and others tried their best but a lot of the women in there were bawd*. Now for my thoughts on the actual show.

This show from start to finish was honestly even more entertaining than I expected. I’d heard about her shows but when you see it live, it is something else. Teyana puts on a show that is in that top tier of the best artists you can see in person. Whoever you have on your personal list should include Teyana Taylor. This woman was showing her ass* out there! The show started and she was out there in this sick yellow jacket and had her dance team in these coordinated checkered fits bussin moves* fam. The whole first half of the show had Teyana highlighting how well she can choreograph dance routines and utilize the stage while performing her music.  Even the routine with all the dancers opening and closing their legs to “1-800-One-Night” was fire. The show was for all of us fam nahmsayin… Anyways, to do all this and still manage to seamlessly change outfits in between songs and time being back centre stage before the next song was impressive attention to detail.

Teyana even brought up people from the crowd on stage and got them involved in the show. Shoutout to the girl that was up there voguing* for real for real* and shout out to the shorty with green hair that got a lap dance from Teyana while she performed “69”…yeah it was a movie fam. You would have thought these women knew they’d be called up because they were up there performing too. It made the show that much more enjoyable because of their enthusiasm. It seemed like Teyana was able to feed off their energy a bit too you know?

IG: @TeyanaTalyor

Right when you thought, oh maybe she doesn’t sing as much as she dances at her shows, she changes fits and starts showcasing her vocals for the entire second half! She’s like “oh you thought I couldn’t hit these notes, watch this my yute*”. It was actually crazy. I’m like damn she really just talented overall for real (I knew this already but the live performance was reassuring). She even brought out Junie to sing “Come Back to Me” with her. I didn’t expect that at all. I can’t lie, it was cute as hell watching Teyana perform with her daughter on stage.

Teyana closed the show out with “Rose in Harlem” and if there was any song that let you know that a live band was present, it was that song! You could hear the drummer going crazy, the bass player going crazy…hell you probably would have heard me going crazy. That’s the type of energy you close a show out with! She left you feeling like you got to experience a multi-faceted show. She just progressively kept showcasing the range of her artistry. I know I said this already but this woman showed her ass fam! 

Overall the show was a 10/10 fam. Her stage presence, her song selection, her dance routines, the wardrobe changes, the timing, the pacing of the show and the way she got the fans involved really made for an enjoyable show. I left that show thinking, they didn’t charge me enough for these tickets. Teyana please don’t retire yo, the game needs you…but if you choose to retire anyway (since this decision has nothing to do with me), thank you for putting on such an incredible farewell tour performance. 


Deadass – in all seriousness, no lie, this is true 
In the mix – in the crowd, in the building
Bawd – to be very attractive 
Showing ass – to put on a very strong performance 
Bussin moves – dancing very well 
Vogue or Voguing – a style of house dance originating in Harlem
For real for real – to do something very well (it is not a typo)
My yute – my child

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