Pass the Aux! – February 2022

– blkcory

Pass the Aux, a series dedicated to amplifying new and upcoming musicians. We will get you up-to-date in discovering new music monthly to the point where your friends will ask you to “pass the aux!” The first Thursday of every month consists of some of the members of dayfour choosing musicians to highlight. We will give you our thoughts, our feelings and our theories on those musicians (strictly from a consumer standpoint). 

*Have you got new music you want people to hear? Or perhaps you know someone that you think makes great music and just hasn’t had their big break? Make sure to follow us on IG and email links/information on new music to: We’ll be reviewing all submissions and deciding to focus on someone new each month. 

blkcory’s pick: Skiifall 

I’ll be real with you, with it being Black History Month, there was no way I wasn’t picking a Black artist for this month’s “Pass the Aux” drop. What I did want to do though, was pick an artist that I felt some sort of personal connection with. Whether that be their cultural background, an artist from Canada or just having music I can identify with, I wanted a connection to be there. Luckily for me, I was able to find someone that checks off all those boxes. If you haven’t heard of this kid already, you’re going to be very soon. I’m talking about my fellow Vincy* brudda Skiifall from Montreal. He’s got music we need to talk about and I’m here to talk about it. 

Ting Tun Up pt. II feat. Knucks 

This is part 2 to the song that introduced me to Skiifall and it’s fire man. Same beat as the original so you get the same energy (which is important). You can hear the Caribbean influence in how he raps and even in his flow and cadence. That Caribbean influence is exactly why a UK feature makes so much sense. A lot of the UK music scene (London specifically) has a lot of Caribbean influence and Knucks was the perfect feature for this song. Shoutout to Skiifall and his team for making this feature happen, it’s a smart play. 

Lost Angeles 

“Don’t mind just being alone
I keep my keeps I own
My mind stays on her but my soul stays in a lonely home
I’m on my L-O key, still can’t fuck with L-U-V
But she dat P-Y-T, still don’t mind just being alone”

This song really stands out to me because I just honestly didn’t know he had this in his bag*. This song is entirely different from “Ting Tun Up” but it still feels like his sound. If you’re really listening, the song’s a lot more introspective than you might think. I’m not saying that as a slight, I just didn’t know this was also something he had in the tuck*. The black and white visuals really add to the song too. The whole is fire man.

My Gully

“Mi had to ball unda my sheet when di night time come, prayer to God say mi get my family outta di slum
Prayer to God say mi get my family outta di slum”

This is another one of those songs that you’re only getting from someone with island heritage. “Inna my gully eh, mountain road ah di solidest”. If you’ve ever been to St. Vincent, you’ll know the island is full of hills and mountains. When you’re not on a highway, those roads have to hold up in some hectic conditions. It could be a reach here but I think that line’s a metaphor for the strength needed to come from the situation his family was in and make it out.

I really like how Skiifall went about the release of his music over the past year. All the music videos fit the feel of his music and for me as a listener, that’s important. When the music video for a song you like is bad, it hurts, I won’t lie. I‘m glad Skiifall doesn’t have any of those problems. I think this guy’s in for a big year and I’d keep my eye on him if you’re looking for some new artists to check out. Vincyland* to the world!


Vincypeople of St. Vincent & The Grenadines 

In Your Bag to have something within your skillset

The Tuck the hidden spot for you to conceal valuables

Vincyland a nickname for St. Vincent & the Grenadines

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