Playlist: Birthday Vibes

– blkcory

*Pass The Aux is coming next week because I’m choosing to celebrate my life*

If you’re anything like me, then the music you start and end your day with can be entirely different. Birthdays are no exception to this rule. With my birthday falling this weekend, you already know I had to make a playlist. This “Birthday Vibes” playlist isn’t something containing my favourite songs ever and not necessarily songs that I have in heavy rotation. It’s just a bunch of songs that make me feel good honestly. I won’t be with a lot of my friends since I moved to Toronto so I had to make something to restore the feeling of this very unofficial holiday. Something my friends can still play to feel like they’re out here with me.

I’ll be real, if you listen to this thing on shuffle it doesn’t hit the same. I have the songs in a specific order and it’s split into two halves (kinda like a side A and side B). For the last few years my music preferences on my birthday vary from calypso, soca, dancehall and afro beats when the sun’s out, and hip-hop or drill music in the nighttime. When you look at the tracklist, you’ll notice that distinction with “Keemy Casanova” being that interlude between the two halves. The playlist is like two big personalities being slapped together and figuring out how to work together. Anyways, it’s music I’ll be celebrating my birthday with and I hope some of the songs help you celebrate with me (or just breathe for a sec and try to enjoy the weekend fam).


*Playlist is below, following the tracklist*

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