It’s Our Guy’s Birthday

It’s a birthday today, blkcory’s birthday. And with that honor comes a list of songs to celebrate our guy. Music brings a lot of us together in times of joy, sadness, or even in realms of nothingness. I truly believe most of us are interconnected that way. So we’re doing a special (and surprise) post today, I asked multiple people in blkcory’s life to give us songs that they associate with the man and to share a little bit on why. Below are the songs and the quotes, at the end of the page is the Spotify link to the most chaotic and non-structured playlist but it’s a playlist of love.

Happy birthday to my brother, best friend, and the greatest man I know.

*disclaimer, any mention of blkcory’s legal name has been removed and replaced with his dayfour persona

Halos – Jords & Thea Gajic. “You showed me this track when I was going through it. You knew how I was feeling without me having to say anything which is classic you. I listen to this track whenever I’m down and am reminded I always got you. What a blessing. Happy birthday my guy.’ – Caro

Workout – J.Cole “Well, I associate blkcory with the song Work out by J Cole more with J Cole than the actually song itself because the people blkcory aspired to be like was a reflection of who he is and is called to be. As genuine as J Cole was/is with his music, blkcory, as a person, is just as genuine. J Cole is a genius and blkcory is very much genius with everything he does. J Cole helped people with music, blkcory helps people no matter what they go through. Year after year he would buy a J Cole album with Sean and now looking back at those moments, it just showed me that who we aspire to be is a direct reflection of who we’re always meant to be. For blkcory it’s Genuine, Genius, and a great friend who helped everyone.” – Pastor Sam

A.M.B – Ambush Buzzworl “Anything Buzzworl really. First time I heard this artist was at the gym listening to one of blkcory’s many playlists. Hearing the AMB track got me extra hype and ofcourse I had to let him know. This one sticks out to me.” – David A

German – EO “This was one of the first songs I remember playing in Calgary one of the first times we hung out. As a new person to the group, it was affirming to have him like it and hype up my music taste. I’ve had the utmost faith in his recommendations ever since.” – Nadia C

Shutdown – Skepta“It reminds me of the time he performed it at Hip Hop Karaoke. Also there’s a line in the song that references the all black tracksuit that he pulls off so elegantly.” – Michael

“I vividly remember him giving it his absolute heart and soul at hip hop karaoke to this song. The only way he could have missed a beat is if he was ahead of it. The excitement could not be contained. Plenty of his signature dance moves that were not only classic but contagious – ones that can only be mimicked, not duplicated.” – Camrie

Changes – Charles Bradley “This one takes me back to a time when we had tickets to a Charles Bradley concert just to find out it was canceled about a week before. Absolutely devastating that Charles has since passed, but I’m left with a collection of songs that bring me joy and remind me of the birthday boy” – Camrie 

DOOL – Dingo X meenoi “One time, I had my Spotify on shuffle and this song came on – he stood up in my living room, had a stank face going on, and broke out into dance (you know exactly how he bobbed up and down with his whole chest to this one) and proceeded to say “oh this is fire! this is hard! you said that this was your favorite genre, bchee with the Korean beats” which I did mention off-handedly, not expecting him to remember like that” – bchee

Purple Rain – Potter Payper “I’m the one fam, like neo and them” – Alex

I Love My Chick – Busta Rhymes “You know why” – Ashley

Goodaz Gal – Popcaan “This song will always remind me of the 2020 pandemic summer. Blkcory and I driving to Sylvan lake was the first time I heard this track, and we kept it on rotation, as the perfect background music to a weekend filled with uninhibited extraness and good vibes.…. and you really can’t go wrong with Popcaan.” – Shenreezy

Boca Raton – Bas (ft A$AP Ferg) “You included this track for me on a playlist you made for me when I first moved to California. I had never heard this song before you added it but for some reason I would play it over and over again and it became my transition to Cali anthem. Your playlist reminded me of home, it reminded me of PMTA, and that song reminds me of you every time I hear it. Happy Happy Birthday 🤍” – Nay

Watering My Plants – Larry JuneIt reminds me of him because he is the only person I know that also listens to Larry June and of course he’d be that person. Also, Larry June is very braggadocios in his writing. When I listen to this song I picture blkcory watering his plants with a fresh haircut and that face he makes like he just smelt something nasty but no it’s not something nasty it’s just the song 😂😂” – Bryar

Miss America – J. Cole “Cuz he’s a young man with a good head on his shoulders that made good decisions to elevate his life. He has influence and I feel like he is figuring out how to use that influence to better those around him and eventually the world. “ – Daven

Holla Holla – Akon & T Pain “We used to laugh at that song together growing up. Happy birthday broski.” – Durell

One Family – Squash, Chronic Law One family, Happy Birthday my g, my friend, my day 1, My family. Over all these years you never switched up and always supported me with whatever I was going through. Took the time to listen and give advice. Real people do real things and you never had to be reminded. For that I will always respect and have love for you. To many more special days like this that belong to you enjoy them! Embrace them and continue to grow and take from the word that you want! Don’t leave nothing on the table. Soon link, Mad spliffs and Hennessy! Love my G” – Tree

Niggas In Paris – Jay Z & Kanye West “I associate that song with him simply cause he murks that song at HHK” – Leah

Mood – Wizkid ft Buju “One of my favorite memories (so far) is jamming to this song with you at Bilal’s place and dancing like we were drunk uncles 😂 the energy was pure and genuine. Here’s to more memories my guy, we’re just getting started!” – Nik

Swimming Pools – Kendrick “That time we went on a catamaran cruise in Barbados and he attempted to “dive” off the boat” – Stef

Freaky Friday – Lil Dicky ft. Chris Brown “I don’t actually think of you when I hear this, but I know you hate this song. Fuck your birthday. – Love Sam

Triumph – J Hus & Blue Laces 2 – Nispey Hussle“Throwback to the days we’d drive around aimlessly so you could show me your playlists in the works” – Kailee

Price Tag – EST GEE “Don’t call me. I ain’t answering” – Nelson

River – The Belle Game “He showed us this band before he left for Japan and it’s been a joy when it comes up in our shuffle playlists.” – Jess

30 Boppa – EST GEE “Before I left the hood I made sure everybody good, Never question where I stood, If it wasn’t no line I drew it” – Nobes

The Win – Dave East, Harry Fraud & Cruch Calhoun “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG MAN! You introduced me to this song when you were shocked that I listen to more music than you aha. The entire playlist you shared was fire and you truly have a gift when it comes to curating playlists with specific themes. The song itself is just such a vibe. Appreciate you my guy and hope you enjoy your big day!” – Galli (Lil Kobe)

Everything Nice – Headie One, Haile “It reminds me of the time he started rocking the bucket hat with the full beard” – Ngoni

Views – Drake “I decided to use views as the song because he’s a Toronto manz now” – Wondu

Throw Some D’s – Rich Boy “I just remember being at The Common turning up to this song. What a time… HBD D!” – OVO Kyle

Know the Time –  Apollo Brown “It reminds me of the time I made him a playlist. He has lovely taste in music and I wanted his opinion. He said it “[made] his walk” and it that “[it was] a track I didn’t even know wanted.” That meant a lot to me because he’s a music snob in the best way possible, so he knows what’s up!” – Funkmaster Lex

And last, but defs the most important person on this list. The woman who gave birth to our guy

Merry Christmas, Happy holidays –  NSYNC“The song we share every single Christmas Eve for probably more than a decade when decorating the Christmas Tree” – Mom

Happy birthday my guy!



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