I Think It’s Time We Talk About…Lucky Daye

– blkcory 

*Disclaimer: If you’re looking for quality street music or songs about the distribution of substances to various clientele, this is not the post. Reader discretion is advised.*

I’m going to be fully transparent here, Lucky Daye’s debut album is so good that I had to write this post. I listen to R&B but as you can see from some of my previous drops, hip-hop is where my heart is. For me to write about something that isn’t hip-hop, always means that the artists put something that didn’t just grab my attention; it made me outright stop what I’m doing. This Lucky Daye did that and then some. The only reason I’m not doing an album review is that the album’s only been out for a week and it might be too early for me to call it a cult classic. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Lucky Daye and some of his work but you better believe I’m here to talk about it. 

This song is the song that made me a fan of Lucky Daye. This sh*t right here?! *Kat Williams voice*. Besides the nightclub, you can play this song anywhere man. By that, I mean that I have definitely listened to this song in the shower. All it took was one listen for me to be like “yo this is art, he might be one of the guys we need to restore that feeling to present-day male R&B music”. 

Are we listening to the same music dawg? I just want to confirm. This song sounds entirely different from the last song, doesn’t it?  It’s way funkier, the melodies are different, even the way he sings on this song is new. If all of that wasn’t enough, the man raps at the end of the song which I never expected. The craziest part is that all of it still feels like it’s his own unique sound. This is true artistry man, both he and his team are paying attention to so many details and it’s resulted in beautiful music. 

Ayo everyone hear this song correctly or was it just me? Hello?!

This song is the one yo. Once I heard it on Lucky Daye’s debut album “Candydrip”, I knew what time it was for this guy. This is easily my favourite song on the album and to be honest this might be my favourite album so far this year. From front to back, this album slaps* fam. The perfect intro song, great outro song and everything in between keeps you locked in. Even if you’re not an R&B fan, this album’s worth a listen. The artwork might not be your thing but the music will be. Quality music remains undefeated.

We cannot deny that women in R&B are still bodying the men right now. However, Lucky Day’s discography, and more importantly this debut album, are steps in the right direction to bringing back that feeling that male R&B used to give you. I’m not saying he’s the first in this era to do it but hopefully, he’s not the last. If you want to hear some music that you can genuinely feel, give Lucky Daye a try. You’ll hear about him again so join the wave*.


Slapsfor something to be good or enjoyable 

Wavebeing a part of something that’s current or becoming popular

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