Fav Songs From the 1st Quarter (2022)

– blkcory

*Disclaimer: The following contains music discussing content both pertaining to love and the distribution of various pharmaceuticals. Reader’s discretion is advised.*

I’m tired of hearing that “there isn’t any good music coming out anymore”. Have you looked fam? I think the actual issue is that so much music comes out every year that it’s hard to filter through it all and find music that stands out to you. Back in the day, we used to be able to go to record stores, find the genre of music we like and go through all those albums until you find the album that you want to take home with you. With streaming, all of those genres and albums are at your fingertips, fighting for your attention all at once. Even as a big fan of music, I agree that it can be overwhelming somedays which is why I’ve decided to help. At the start of the year, I thought to myself, “why not keep a list of some of the fire tracks I’ve enjoyed and share them randomly with the people dem?” That is almost exactly how I said it in my head so that’s really what I’m going to do. I don’t know if this follows the music industry’s timeline for each quarter but here’s a list of some of my fav songs from what I consider the first quarter of 2022. 

Lucky Daye ft. Smino – God Body

I know I talked about this album last week and I’m still not done talking about it fam. This guy Lucky Daye really did it man. This song gets better and better every single time I listen to it. Start your day off right with a song like this. 

Rosalia – SAOKO

I’m gonna be real, I have absolutely no idea what she’s saying for 95% but apparently, the bridge at the end means: “if you’re the shit, nothin’ can stop you”. I can get down with that logic. Also, this beat slaps* man. Tell me you don’t wanna dance to this song. Lie to me fam! 

Benny the Butcher feat. Stove God Cooks – Back 2x

I know I had some critiques about Benny’s “The Plugs I Met 2” but let me tell you his latest release “Tana Talk 4” is deserves praise just as loud as any criticism before. Let me tell you this song is hip-hop at its core man. Benny’s rapping his ass off and Stove God?! This guy is slowly becoming one of my favourite new rappers. I don’t think anyone raps like him and has his cadence. It’s refreshing and his bars are always crazy. 

Pusha T – Diet Coke

I’m probably right on the borderline of being a Pusha T stan yo. If he’s using a new metaphor to explain the distribution of cocaine, I’m gonna listen. “Diet Coke” is no exception. It’s a Kanye production and if you don’t know already, you will find out what they do when they team up! If you’re a hip-hop fan, I’d say this one is a must-listen. Look out for his album in April. King Push is back. 

Duvy – Wild Child 

If you don’t like autotune in your rap, skip this one but if you’re trying to support some Canadian music I gotchu. Duvy’s really making waves in the Toronto rap scene right now yo. This is my fav song off his new project “GRASSWAYZ”.

Mitski – The Only Heartbreaker 

I can’t even remember how I came across this song but ever since I did, I’ve played it at least once a day for a good week or two. I’m not sure if you’d consider this indie rock, some sort of folk music or a mix of all of it but it’s actually a dope track. Enough to make you check some of her other music out for sure. 

Cousin Stizz – Lethal Weapon

Man this entire album is really solid. I might have to put you guys on that in a completely separate ting. Anyways this song’s got more of a chill vibe but honestly, you can play this song in so many different settings. When you got it in your playlists, tell your friends day four put you on. 

Conway the Machine feat. Jill Scott – Chanel Paris 

Name a song you’ve heard with Jill Scott rapping on it…thought so. I have nothing else to say.

The Weeknd – Is There Someone Else?

I know some people weren’t really feeling this Weeknd album but this song right here?! Nah, this is Canadian greatness right here fam. Do a double-take on this song for sure. 

Youngs Teflon feat. Stardom – Body Language 

Ayo Youngs Teflon’s nice. He’s been nice but this is the first project from him that I think I really enjoyed start to finish from him. This “Body Language” is a perfect example of what I mean when I bring up these UK rappers. Some of these guys just rap with that same energy we’ve grown to love in North America.

Friday Night Cru – Come Gimme

Play this on a Friday after work and tell me this isn’t a good vibe. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the weekend with this track.

Bane Capital – Terrycloth

Them boys at Bane Capital are getting busy man. If you’re into that underground hip-hop sound (bars, samples flips and street energy) then the Bane Capital and Koncept Jack$on album “Good Product” has what you need. This is probably my favourite song off the project, the beat and sampling are crazy.

Smoke DZA and Real Bad Man – Casualties

RIGHHHHHHTTTTTT *Smoke DZA voice*. I stay checking for new Smoke DZA music and here’s some new heat from him. He’s been underrated for a hot minute* but over the last few years he’s really solidified his lane in hip-hop. Welcome to the fan club, we’re probably the same fans that like Curren$y.

Saba feat. 6lack and Smino – Still

This is another album I might have to talk about later. I could have put the whole thing on this list. As for this song, it’s different from what you’d really expect on a Saba album but he went out there and killed it anyways. At this point, I can tell he’s not going to get boxed into a super predictable sound. This might be some evolution in artistry I can get down with as a fan. As long as he stays true to the music, it’s going to sound good. 

Am I missing some fire on this list? Let us know in the comments on our IG page @dayfour


Slapswhen something is or sounds good

Hot minute for a significantly longer time than one minute

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