Playlist: New York City

– blkcory

Can you believe that for being such a big hip-hop fan, the first trip in my life to New York City was last weekend? Me niether. I also couldn’t believe how much Toronto music ran the radio and club scene. You couldn’t go 15 minutes without hearing Drake, the Weeknd or Tory but that’s a whole seperate conversation. NYC was everything I thought it would be, brownstone buildings, tall skyscrapers and amazing food. With so many inspiring things around me you already know I had to make a playlist. I spent all my time in Brooklyn and Mahattan so outside of a few exceptions all the aritsts in the playlist are from those two borroughs. It’s a collection of music I heard in diners, jewellery stores, nightspots or just on road. It’s a nice mix of old and new New York aritsts. I wouldn’t say it’s a party playlist but for anyone that’s been to NY it’s music that really carries the energy you can find in those borroughs. Here’s a time capsule from my time in The Big Apple, hope you enjoy it!

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