Best NBA Rap Song

– blkcory

Now that the season is over and playoffs are about to start, I thought why not celebrate some NBA players for the awards they don’t give out at the end of the season. The awards that every NBA fan really cares about, the award that every NBA player really chases. Which NBA player has the best rap song in the game? Not every NBA player makes playoffs but I’d argue almost all of them tried to rap. I’m not hatin, I tried it to and all that music is unreleased fam. With that said, let’s get to down bidness* and talk about this music.

Miles Bridges – Gorgeous

I can’t lie because this guy dunks for real, I rate his rapping more. This track has the energy he plays with on the court. He’s trying to body* you and you didn’t see it coming.

Lou Williams -24 

This hook goes hard I won’t lie. Kinda sounding like the guy version of Dej Loaf. I can get down with this. Can’t call the song 24 and then it be mid so shoutout to the 6th man himself Lou Will.

Brian McKnight feat. Kobe Bryant – Hold Me 

To be real, this is definitely the worst song on this list but it’s Kobe so I ignored all my criteria and put this song here. Brian McKnight was clearly wildin’* back then just like how he’s wildin’ now. How are you gonna orchestrate everything that happened with this song? Anyways, rip Mamba man! 

Iman Shumphert – Hit Power Freestyle 

I remember the first time I heard this song I was afraid it was going to be terrible…I was wrong. This guy’s rapping-rapping man. He’s not Kendrick but he’s definitely rapping with a way better flow and delivery than expected. If you don’t rate this one, he was also on a BET cypher and most of your fav rappers don’t have one so…what I’m saying is I can’t say Iman doesn’t really have punchline bars. 

Dame DOLLA – GOAT Spirit 

This man has a Raphael Saddiq track and he really plays the game of basketball at an elite level. Damian Lillard sounds like a full-time rapper on this track. Bare* punchlines in here and the production is solid. This is genuinely a track you can go and play back. 

Shaq feat. The Notorious B.IG. – Can’t Stop the Reign 

Name another rapper with a Biggie feature fam. It’s cool, I’ll wait…oh, nobody? Yeah, that’s why Shaq wins to me. This track is genuinely hard. If I didn’t tell you it was Shaq, you probably would play this song and wouldn’t know the wiser.


Bidnessbusiness (it just sounds better when you write it this way)

Body to eliminate or kill someone

Wildin’ to move out of pocket or to do something frowned upon but most of society 

Bare several or multiple

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