Music Tours Coming to Canada this Spring

I’ve missed a couple concerts this month due to pure negligence and I thought to myself, who else is like me but won’t say? I don’t know who you are but this list is for you yo. Wanna go to a concert but you’d like to buy tickets before the day of the show? Say less. Nobody asked for this list (not even the artists) but let me say right now if the pops off, I would like compensation next time. Here’s a day four list of the concerts we are excited to see. 

*Please note that the links to all tickets can be found when you click the artist photo.*



Don’t let this interesting pic fool you, this guy makes great music man. Check him out.


As you can see, it would appear tickets are no longer being sold for this show. Luckily for you, I can’t make the Toronto show on May 1st so we have a pair of tickets. If you’re looking for a pair of tickets dm us on IG @dayfour. I’m deadass, I can’t go and need to sell my tickets yo. Help me…please.

Conway, the Machine

I ain’t gon hold you, I might pull up and go to this concert by myself if my friends don’t come with me. If you’re a hip-hop head, you know exactly why you need to be there. 

Mariah the Scientist

Mariah the Scientist had one of my 10 favourite albums last year. I haven’t looked into how she sounds live, but if she’s nice, this will be money well spent. 

Orion Sun

Have you ever heard “Hold Space For Me”? No, well if you go to her show, you just might hear it live.

Jacob Collier

This would appear to be sold out. Godspeed with the resellers fam. 


This man has 2 back to back shows in Toronto fam. I told you this guy is the truth, now you’ll see why. 

070 Shake

If you’re not familiar with 070 Shake, her album “Modus Vivendi” is very different but very dope. That “Guilty Conscience” record slaps. 

Isaiah Rashad

You may or may not have seen that video that was circling the internet. Either way, the man can rap so go to his show anyways fam. 


I wish I could go to this show so bad but my friend decided he found loved and wants to get married…


Canadian talent with two back-to-back great projects my gs. You know what to do.


I’ve seen the Internet live before so I can confirm Syd is crazy talented in person too. For those that go, I’ll be with you in spirit my g. 

Babyface Ray

This wedding has truly disrupted a busy concert season. I shall also miss this show. 


He’s got a track with Raekwon. I don’t have to explain anything else.


This has gotta be a big event for all my afro fans.

Tiwa Savage

No better way to end this list than with another concert that I cannot attend. Do you feel my pain when you read this? If you cannot, please note that I am in pain.

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