Album Review: Pusha T – It’s Almost Dry

– blkcory

I’m going to be honest this is a biased review where I’m just going to drop sick coke bars referenced in each song. As a Pusha T fan, I got exactly what I wanted to hear. I have no complaints about this album. If you were hoping for a review about how with age and having a child Pusha T would not rap about cocaine, I would like to personally boo you for not being fun. We did not want to hear about Pusha T buying a dining table for his fam, so if I’m talking about you, boo! *boo again from me and some of the hip-hop community*.


“Names they concealed, I don’t make up shit
This that no-witnesses-wrapped-in-duct-tape shit
Needed all my niggas just to move your brick
That had me on Brambleton back when Pooh got hit”

Let The Smokers Shine The Coupes

“If kilogram is the groove
I done sold the golden goose
I got ‘em, baby, I’m Jim Perdue
Cocaine’s Dr. Seuss”

Dreaming of the Past feat. Kanye West

“Bruh, you niggas ain’t flexin’, you crampin’
My weight keepin’ niggas on the bikes like Amblin”

Neck & Wrist feat. Jay-Z and Pharrell

“The money counter ding is so exciting
Summertime, Winterfell, I’m the Night King
The Colgate kilo, the hood needs whitening (Skrrt)
We fishscale niggas like we all Pisces”

Just So You Remember

“My boys in the hood is mixed with the menaces
The cane is sugar and cut by Dominicans
Open the box, it’s like ten Christmases
My folks in the box is serving life sentences”

Diet Coke

“Imaginary players ain’t been coached right
Master recipes under stove lights
The number on this jersey is the quote price
You ordered Diet Coke, that’s a joke, right?
Everybody get it off the boat, right?
But only I can really have a snow fight”

Rock N Roll feat. Kid Cudi and Kanye West

“I’ve done the impossible, I should wear a cape here
A “C” on my chest, coke dealers, come and play here”

Call My Bluff

“Buffalo shrimps from Mahi Mah’s
Coke deals upstairs at the Ramada
The ocean from motels was popular
And crack was cemented phenomenon
Elected Presidential was on my arm
Red stripe Prada’s and on and on”

Scrape It Off feat. Don Tolliver and Lil Uzi Vert

“Personalize every threat, my boy
Toll free (Toll free), that’s direct, my boy
And if you need a couple keys, I’m the connect, my boy
Off the top”

Hear Me Clearly feat. Nigo

“Kilogram Kickstarter, push a brick harder
Left my elbow in the pot, à la Vince Carter”

Open Air

“Me and Steven, gull wings, see, those is rare
Ain’t no Tonys in my circles, we Sosas here
In these ten crack commandments, I’m Moses, yeah
ARs do your body like folding chairs, sit down”

I Pray for You

“If Hov’s still forever young
Then I’ma somersault backwards through these chapters
Land in thе soft-white, cook it till it’s off-white
The questioning’ my scorecard, hold it to a torch light
I hid it in the porch light, see I had the foresight
My 9-1-1 was pullin’ up to matchin’ Porsche night, ooh”

I would have done a true review and talked about my thoughts one each song but these bars are a true review fam. I’ve done nothing listed in the bars I highlighted but I continue to be inspired. This man Pusha T is an all-time great and I personally think this is his best solo album.

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