Pass The AUX! – May 2022

Pass the Aux, a series dedicated to amplifying new and upcoming musicians. We will get you up-to-date in discovering new music monthly to the point where your friends will ask you to “pass the aux!” The first Thursday of every month consists of some of the members of dayfour choosing musicians to highlight. We will give you our thoughts, our feelings and our theories on those musicians (strictly from a consumer standpoint). 

*Have you got new music you want people to hear? Or perhaps you know someone that you think makes great music and just hasn’t had their big break? Make sure to follow us on IG and email links/information on new music to: We’ll be reviewing all submissions and deciding to focus on someone new each month. 

blkcory’s pick: RealestK

I’ve had a few people whose music ear I trust, play me some of these songs and just ignore this man’s artist name. At first, I was like man to be real, I don’t know how I feel about his stage name but after you hear the music, you do not care what his name is. I’d like to also add that I have no suggestions for what his name should be changed to. Back to the music now…the music slaps* fam. He’s one of the few artists I like that has a music video for each of the songs I like from them. In this case, that turned out to be bless* because in this case, the videos match/add to the vibe you get from his songs.

Love Me



Makes sense why he’s got a buzz now doesn’t it? This guy’s in his teens and that’s wild to me. He really fits in this pocket that’s a Toronto sound and excels at it at a young age. Genuinely looking forward to hearing more from RealestK.


slaps to sound good/ to be enjoyable to listen to

blessto feel blessed or for something to be good

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