Playlist: Montréal

– blkcory

Last weekend I went to Montréal for a friend’s bachelor party. If you haven’t been before it’s a real vibe. It was my first time going but off of 4 days alone, it’s probably in my top 2 favourite Canadian cities.

This playlist is inspired by the city. The music made by Montréal artists, the music I heard in the clubs and cabs. Music that played in restaurants and on the streets. Songs sent over from friends and just stuff I was listening to while exploring Montréal. It’s short, it’s a bit out of what I normally listen to but it flows in a way that works. Another fun fact is if you play it in reverse it’s almost like a whole new playlist. That wasn’t done intentionally but it works too. Hope you enjoy it.

*As always you can find the playlist link below the tracklist*

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