Song of Summer 2022 Predictions

– blkcory

*Disclaimer: This list only includes song that were released as singles or on an album that came out in 2022. Also, I didn’t know Drake and Beyoncé were coming this summer. That could change this whole list.*

BIA feat. J. Cole – London

I should really ask how my boys in London how they feel about the British accent attempts on this song over there. Regardless of their answer, this song is definitely in rotation in a lot of places when you step outside in North America. As it should be. BIA’s nice and Cole’s on the feature run I always thought he could do but never did earlier in his career. Time will tell but it’s catching a lot of ears at the right time. 

Calvin Harris with Dua Lipa & Young Thug – Potion

Yeah this sounds like this could be something on a Funk Wav Bounce album. When Calvin Harris made that album in 2017, it was probably the most Calvin Harris I’d ever listened to. That album was a summer vibe for sure. “Potion” will definitely do what it’s supposed to do. 

Latto – Big Energy 

This song isn’t necessarily for me but I can’t say I don’t hear it when I leave the house. This song is gonna play wherever women are at. This is that bottomless mimosa brunch on the patio music yo. The Mariah Carey sample flip is hard though. 

Burna Boy – Last Last 

Yeah, I said this was gonna be song of the summer and Nigerian Twitter sent for me so imma double down on this take. This song is too crazy to be stopped this summer. Plus the video is hard! I don’t foresee a way where you don’t hear this when the sun’s out on a regular basis. This song just slaps* yo. “I need Igbo and shayo” too fam what you mean??

What do you think will end up being the song of the summer?


Slapsa term to describe a song when it sounds good

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