Album Tribute: Dom Kennedy – Yellow Album

– blkcory

Monday marked the 10-year anniversary of Dom Kennedy’s “Yellow Album”. That might not mean much to a lot of you, but if you’ve really been into hip-hop over the last 10 years then you know this project and you remember how it was part of the soundtrack to your summer in 2012. 

This is album is timeless man. I revisited it this week, and it still hits the same way it did back then. All the big tracks are still fire. You can still play “My Type of Party” at a jam in the summer and it’s still going to do what it’s supposed to do. You can still play “Gold Alpinas” and picture your local trappers* pulling up the ball court on some fly shit. You can still play “Girls on Stage” with…you know what, nevermind. 

Fam this thing has Rick Flair samples on it. Do you understand the power of a Rick Flair rant? If you don’t, familiarize yourself. You never yelled “you’re talking to the Rolex wearing…” and never owned a Rolex. You can’t relate fam. 

Essential the point of this week’s drop is to highlight that the impact of music isn’t felt by just how big the music was at the time it came out, but by how long that feeling lasts. When you go back to it, does it sound like a less important project or does it sound like a reference point to moments in your life/ a moment in music? I’d say Dom Kennedy’s Yellow Albums falls under the latter and I’m forever grateful for the music he gave us. 

“A lot of people had big plans, I’m just the one that stuck to it”

Dom Kennedy


Trapperan individual that may or may not be in the distribution of your favourite narcotics 

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