Music Tours Coming to Canada this Fall

– blkcory

Well, we’re halfway through summer concerts so you already know if I’m making this list now, I missed bare* concerts already. To help myself and anyone else who’s usually too lazy to look up which concerts are coming before the day of the actual concert, I have made another list of concerts we are excited to see (hopefully) this fall.  

*Please note that the links to all tickets can be found when you click the artist phot


They’re on tour with Skiifall and Lefto. That honestly should be a good show and I’m definitely thinking I should get some tickets as I’m typing this.

Rolling Loud Toronto

This may or may not end up being the safest event (time will tell) but this is something I do have tickets for and I’m excited to see acts like Dave, Wizkid, Future, Skepta, Unknown T, Duvy, Mariah the Scientist, Pengz and FRVRFRIDAY it should be a good time if everyone can get along in the crowd.

Kid Cudi

I’ll be real if you were a fan of Cudi’s older music and never went to a show, that was a slip-up. I saw him at Rock the Bells back in 2013 and to this day it was one of the best concerts I’ve been to. I’m not sure what his big arena show would be like but for those who haven’t seen him live but have always thought about it, it’s worth a look.


Man Boogie put out one of my favourite overall projects so far this year. I don’t know too much about the venue but off the music alone, this would be a concert worth checking out.


I usually don’t know what she’s saying in her songs because I don’t speak Spanish but I still feel the music. An outdoor show for her would be fire!

Japanese Breakfast

Never seen Japanese Breakfast live before but I would be curious to go. I feel like History would be a great venue for her to have a show. A Japanese Breakfast concert would need to be a more intimate one.

Denzel Curry

His last album was actually really good and that’s coming from a guy that doesn’t really check for his music like that. If you’re even just a casual fan, check his album out before you decide if you’re planning to miss this show.

Fred Again…

I first heard this guy’s music when he did a collab album with Headie One. From then, I’ve always been kind of curious and dabbled into his music a bit. I can’t say I’m the spokesperson for house/dance music but I enjoy his music. I’ll get my hands on a pair of tickets for this.


This is another show that would be really interesting to see. His last album was my favourite project from him. That Oct 6th date is going to have some solid concerts to choose from.


If you want to fight for survival to get tickets, have it at fam. This will probably be a good show but those tickets ain’t cheap now that your only option is resellers. Godspeed yo.


French Kiwi Juice with back-to-back shows in Toronto! Even if you’re not one of the new French House music wave this is one of those artists that I find a lot of people really enjoy man. He’s a really talented artist.


Barea lot or several

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