I Think It’s Time We Talk About…New Detroit Rappers

– blkcory

*Disclaimer: I am not from Detroit and have never visited the city*

If you’re not paying attention to Detroit rap right now you either don’t like this style of rap or you’re flat out hatin’ man. This new wave of Detroit rappers are out here and in the mix. People are gonna have to deal with them like how you deal with the rappers coming out of any city with a major buzz like this. There may have been a “Detroit sound” before, but this new wave of rappers has made it mainstream. In case you’ve been missing out, imma put you on.

Babyface Ray

I can’t lie this is probably my favourite rapper right now. Not in the sense of necessarily who I think is the greatest lyricist ever but who I’m listening to the most right now. Babyface Ray just makes fire music yo. You may or may not relate to his music but either way, you feel it. The man took a One Republic sample and said smash single again! Babyface Ray is that guy right now.

42 Dugg

Don’t let the man’s height fool you fam, he is truly a street rapper. Don’t let his babyface fool you either, he raps about content that would lead you to believe that he is the menace in your neighbourhood. Free him though because all his songs with EST Gee slap.

Icewear Vezzo

If he’s not your favourite street rapper right now, he probably has a song with him. This man makes nightclubs and strip-club bangers for the streets man. I don’t speak for the streets but those that do, play this man’s music regularly.

Kash Doll

I won’t sit here, lie and tell you I’m listening to Kash Doll on a regular basis but I also can’t tell you she ain’t part of this Detroit wave. Plus she was in season one of BMF. Off that alone she’s on my list.

Boldy James

Fam this guy can rap. His voice might be monotone to some but this guy can really rap. This is that rap that restores the feeling. Makes you believe in the art again. Just thorough street raps where the bars are complimented by the production.

Sada Baby

I’ll be real, this man only makes aggressive music. Whether you’re going to the gym or strongly considering going to commit a crime, this music will get you through it.

Payroll Giovanni

This guy is another Detroit rapper that knows how to make a banger man. If the energy is high, turn this guy’s music up fam. Gets your head boppin’ for real.

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