Concert Review: Kendrick Lamar – Big Steppers Tour

– blkcory

If you can’t tell by this review, I’ve finally caught a concert that I’ve talked about on the blog *queue the air horns and gun fingers*. I’d also like to add that I went to this show for a grand total of zero dollars. Not because I have a next-level hook-up but because it was the only way I had plans to attend this show. I’d already seen Kendrick live on two separate occasions and, really just thought I could skip this one. I was wrong and you never know when your blessings will come. I got free tickets from a friend who ended up getting way better seats for himself (big ups to Harry man).

As I mentioned, I’ve seen Kendrick on two other occasions. What I left out was that this was hands down his best show. It’s not even close. The man is now a complete artist by my standards and I’ll explain why.

Stage presence

To me, if you don’t have good stage presence, why did I even come to the show? I personally don’t like floor seats because I hate having people in my personal space like that so usually, big arena concerts just aren’t my thing. However, the way Kendrick was able to command your attention during this show was something I really didn’t expect. The way he used his stage was also really impressive. He was always moving to different parts of the stage throughout the show. He even did what looked like covid screening in the middle of his set in this quarantine-looking plastic tent that surrounded one of his stage lights. You really felt like you were watching a veteran emcee creating a unique experience for everyone that attended.


If you’re at a concert, you’re often there to hear the music and sing along with some of your favourite artists. This was no exception. Kendrick had serious breath control and you could always understand exactly what he was saying on stage. Regardless of the noise of the crowd, the stage effects or anything else going on in the room, you could hear him clearly.

Live Band 

You get a live band at your show and you already get ratings from me. Shows with live bands are so much better than hearing the audio track playing in the background exclusively. You have to at least mix it up. Especially at the level Kendrick’s at. I feel like you’re also disrespecting the art of a great production if there isn’t any live music in your set when you have the budget for it.


To me, the pacing of the show was hands down the most impressive part of this concert. He found the perfect way to mix in his slower records with his up-tempo ones. My fear initially was there would be this really slow and boring portion of the concert but I was completely wrong. It was a great mix of his new and old records and he was able to almost make it a cinematic experience for the entire show. I was really impressed.

The Kendrick Lamar Big Steppers Tour is a testament to hard work and consistency paying off. When you have a good team around you that understands your vision, you line yourself up to win. I strongly dislike big arena concerts but this Kendrick show was honestly one of the best big venue events I’ve ever been to. The art of putting on a great show doesn’t have to live and die in small venues, Kendrick taught me that last weekend. If he’s in your city, go see the show, you won’t regret it.

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