It Was an Amapiano Summer

– blkcory

If you’ve been outside and having a good time (this is key), you’ve probably heard a dj play an Amapiano set somewhere. By probably I mean that you had to. Some of these songs were getting rinsed in dj sets all over the world.

Amapiano is a style of house music that originates in South Africa. The best way I can describe it is a mix of deep house and jazz with piano elements. The thing that makes Amapiano stand out is probably the synths, airy pads and percussion baselines. It really stands out from other house music and you probably either really enjoy it or really don’t. 

I wouldn’t consider myself an expert by any means, but here’s a small list of songs that you probably heard this summer or you’ll be hearing by next summer. As this new house/dance music era seems to pick up steam, expect Amapiano to be right in that mix! 

Sungba (Remix) – Asake ft. Burna Boy

Young Stunna – Adiwele ft. Kabza De Small & DJ Maphorisa

Q-Mark and TpZee – Paris ft. Afriikan Papi

Musa Keys & Loui – Selema (Po Po) 

Goya Menor & Nektunez – Ameno Amapiano Remix (You Wanna Bamba)

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