Summer Is Definitely Over

– blkcory 

I ain’t gon hold you*, the weather went from too hot to significantly colder mad quick. It’s really fall outchea and if you’re still trying to go to a patio, bring a jacket fam. You’re now able to see which of your friends keep fits ready for any situation and which of them are not prepared. This week, if it hasn’t been raining, it’s been windy for real. Summer is officially over and in honour of that, here’s a small list of songs you can listen to at this time of year. Whether they remind you of the pain that comes with the change of season or if fall is your favourite time of year, these are some songs that will add to the vibe. 

Drake & Majid Jordan – Summer Is Over Interlude

In full transparency, this song inspired this entire list. Playing this on a rainy day knowing summer is truly over is both enjoyable and just sad yo. To me, summer’s the best time of the year but this is a song I can always come back to when it is no longer that time of the year. 

Memphis Bleek feat. Jay-Z – Dear Summer

This song is a classic for real. From the sample choice to the song title, to the bars; everything about this track has a fall feel to it. It sounds like something you listen to in a hoodie reminiscing on a time that was…and that time was the summer.

Steve Lacy – Bad Habit 

This is another song I played before and after the rain this week and I can confirm it’s fall music. Once I hear the guitar and drums on this song, you really want to kick up under a blanket man. 

Ben Webster – That’s All

What’s fall without a little jazz music man? Probably still fall but my point is that you should check out some jazz on a fall day. It’s a real vibe is you’re spending time alone at the crib or out on a walk somewhere enjoying the weather. 

Boldy James & The Alchemist feat. StoveGodCooks – Diamond Dallas

String music in the fall gets me every time so you know an Alchemist beat had to make this list. This beat and Boldy James bars are a match-made in heaven man. Then you want to add StoveGod on here?! Fire fall record. 

The Weeknd – King of The Fall

An annual fall anthem man. I couldn’t end this list without it.  I really feel like I’ve played this song every fall since it came out. One of the many music videos that inspired me to make the move out to Toronto. 


I Ain’t Gon Hold YouI’m Not Gonna Lie To You/ I Can’t Lie

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