How Did Lil Yatchy Get the Wock into Poland?

– blkcory

If you haven’t been living under a rock, there’s no way that the internet did not inform you that hip-hop culture has taken the wock* to Poland. How Lil Yatchy got to Poland with the wock has become one of hip-hop’s greatest mysteries (it might be up there with Dre.Dre‘s Detox). People across the globe have been asking themselves, how did he accomplish such a feat? How could a video that’s only 98 seconds long, have so much cultural impact? You probably think I’m here to present you with the answers to this question but I’m actually here to just share the memes and social media comments that I’ve been laughing at for a good 2 weeks.

The Wock Saves Poland

Batman Can’t Figure Out How The Wock Got to Poland Either

When Transporting The Wock Goes Left

Mr.Boat Inspires the World

Bush Can’t Believe Where The Wock Is

When Your Mans Tries to Transport The Wock to Poland on Vacation


The wocka purple liquid that is often sipped out of double cups and tends to have sedative effects (this should not to be mistaken with taking a walk)

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