Album of the Fall?

– blkcory 

*Disclaimer: I am not on Asake’s promo team but will willingly accept compensation if this post grows his audience in any way*

I was right about “Last Last” this summer so it only made sense to come back to the people and confirm some more facts. If our review of Mr.Money with the Vibe didn’t sell you on it, let me double down and tell you that this Asake album is outta here! I did a little pop-out* last weekend to assess the scenes and the DJ played four Asake songs in a row! Let me tell you, each song rang off in there. I do not know this DJ personally and did not ask him to play four Asake songs in a row so I could write this post. The DJ was also not Asake himself or Asake’s tour DJ. In his spirit, the man simply knew the album has the power to put the people in a chokehold.

This is the album of the fall man. If it dropped in the summer it would have had songs in that summer anthem discussion but he decided to claim another season with no regard for the competition. 

Put your friends on to some new fire and never say that day four doesn’t have your back with this music ting. 

Standout songs:

Organize, Joha, Terminator, Peace Be Unto You ( PBUY), Sungba (Remix) feat. Burna Boy 


Pop-outto leave your place of residence to attend a function 

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