I Basically Went to a Rave

– blkcory

*Disclaimer: I am not a house music specialist, I’m still learning what makes great vs terrible house music. This review is entirely from the perspective of a black man who was just glad he wasn’t the only black person at the event and was happy to just be there man.*

At the beginning of the month, ya boy went to and saw a Black Coffee set (which was basically a rave). Never been to a house event before but I gotta say this was pretty fire. I was always confused about how you dance to house music but it was like the songs this guy chose were for people with any remote sense of rhythm. There was still the whole “oonst-oonst” vibe going on but with this African feel to it. Keeping it a band, it felt like I was at the unveiling of the next Black Panther movie soundtrack.

Another thing that was really wild was all dem lights man. I used to be confused about why people wear shades to house music events. Have you ever tried to look at one of dem lights without them? Bout to lose your vision fam. Those lights are going all over the place for real. In the crowd, above the crowd’s heads. Basically, if you look up at the ceiling, you see the aurora borealis. Shit coming down from the ceiling with spinning lights and all that. It put CNE and Kdays to shame. Wearing shades saved my life. I heard if you’re really there on a madness, you pull up with them kaleidoscope glasses that make the lights even trippier. Why create that environment for yourself? I’m not sure, but I would imagine if you consumed enough substances, it’s probably a next-level experience.

Overall, I really enjoyed seeing my first Black Coffee set in person. He’s honed his craft and it was something you noticed by the range of his audience that came out for the show. It was the most eclectic group of people I have ever been around but everyone was having a great time. It was good to see so many people that were so different from one another come together to celebrate and enjoy music.  

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