Give Them Their Flowers Vol.3

– blkcory

I want to start this off by saying that there are definitely a ton of artists and albums I could probably add to this list but I only have the capacity to listen to so much in one year. These are some of the albums that might not make my top 10 for the year but are definitely still great bodies of work that deserve recognition. 

Cousin Stizz – Just For You

This is an album I contemplated having in my top 10 for the majority of the year. It’s something I kept coming back to because there’s music you can really vibe to at any time of year. 

Jim Jones – Gangsta Grillz: We Set the Trends

Regardless of what you think of Dipset Jim Jones, I’m telling you this tape is really good man. It’s not a project that sounds like it’s in 2004, Jim Jones is rapping with everybody and rapping well. I’ve mentioned that Jim Jones has been on a run man, ya’ll don’t hear me though. 

Wizkid – More Love, Less Ego 

Wizkid does not miss man, this album is still fire. Not my favourite of the year but I really can’t say this album lacks anything. Wizkid is really that dude man. 

Ari Lennox – age/sex/location 

A true soul album in 2022. This is another album that almost made my fav albums of the year list. I don’t really have complaints about this project. When you’re in the mood to kick up and relax, this album does what it needs to do. 

G Herbo – Survivor’s Remorse

This is G Herbo’s best project man. I know this might seem obvious because with time you’re supposed to get better but some people get worse man. I really wanted to squeeze this album into my top 10 and I wouldn’t be surprised if this shows up on other people’s list. G Herbo’s reached that level of rapping that  I always had faith he could get to. 

Smoke DZA – 10,000 HRS

There might be some bias because I’m a Smoke DZA fan but this project is hard. It’s short and concise which doesn’t allow for a bar to be wasted.

FKJ – Vincent 

If you’re for some blurred type of genre music this is the one. I don’t even know how to classify this album but I do know that I enjoy it. 

M Huncho – Chasing Euphoria 

I’m an M Huncho fan so I have been looking forward to this album and it didn’t disappoint. It might have been more songs than I wanted but overall, the album was solid for real. 

WifiGawd – Hot as Hell 2 

On a summer day, this album goes hard man. It’s roadman energy but sometimes your day needs that you know?

Dave East – Book of David 

DJ Drama is going crazy this year so I’m not surprised that there’s more than one of these collab projects to discuss. Dave East is rapping in his lane and it’s hard yo. He might not be a club music rapper but that doesn’t have anything to do with anyone having the essence of hip-hop in their music. He has that man. 

Youngs Teflon – All Eyes on Me Against the World (Side B)

Youngs Telfon’s probably one of my favourite artists out of the UK. This guy just encompasses the essence of hip-hop but he’s oversees. The wordplay, the bars and the content are all here on this project man.

French Montana – Montega 

People don’t wanna believe me but this was a really good French Montana project. None of these are Unforgettable vibes kind of tracks though so if that’s what you were expecting then never mind. 


This album is hard man. Do you need some new bangers for the gym? It’s in here yo. Bare tun up and wild out music in here.  

Denzel Curry – Melt My Eyez See Your Future 

I wouldn’t consider myself a Denzel Curry fan at all, but this is a great project. I’ve never gotten through an entire Denzel Curry project until now. This one kept my attention. 

Larry June – Spaceships on the Blade 

Larry June is out here with another album with a new car on the album art rapping about trappin and drinking green smoothies. I’m still here for it. 

Rimzee – Cold Feet

This project is crazy man. If it weren’t for Potter Payper, I wouldn’t know this man but I’m glad I do. You can hear the hunger in these bars man. If you want UK rap don’t look any further.

Falz – BAHD 

I don’t know exactly what lane of afro music this album would be considered but that’s lowkey what also made it such an interesting listen. I couldn’t really figure out the direction but I still enjoyed the ride you know?

Future – I Never Liked You 

This was probably the biggest hip-hop release of the year and there was a lot of fire on here. I wouldn’t say this is my favourite Future project by any means but it might be his best release since HNDRXX. Definitely, something you can playback. 

K-Trap – The Last Whip II

K-Trap is in his bag again! Trapo was not a fluke man, this guy is getting to it. I’ve never sold coke but I feel like I have when I listen to this project nahmsayin?!

Conway – God Don’t Make Mistakes

I feel bad because I think this album is overlooked because of how much music came out this year. Conway rapping his ass off on this album and there ain’t a bar wasted.

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