Fav 15 Albums of 2022

– blkcory

*Disclaimer: I am but one man with one opinion. Everyone is entitled to disagree and have a different order and list. But that can be for your list, not mine.*

There were a ton of solid albums this year and normally I only do 10 albums but this year was an exception. There are probably still names you could argue should be here but this is my list and I’m not sorry.

Honourable Mentions:

K Roosevelt – Solstice 

This is an R&B project that I think a lot of people slept on this year. He doesn’t have mainstream popularity but he makes quality music that I always find myself coming back to. Big ups to K. Roosevelt. 

Amber Mark – Three Dimensions Deep

Imma be real, I heard about Amber Mark at the beginning of the year on a date yo. Then I heard her name on a podcast and now at the end of the year, I’m here to report that this album is indeed a good listening experience. I’ll keep up to date on her future work from here on out. 

15. Omah Lay – Boy Alone

This is one of those albums where if my boy didn’t put me onto it, I wouldn’t have known it came out and I would have lived with regret the entire year. This album is beautiful. 

14. Fred again…  – Actual Life 3

To my own surprise, I have a house album on this list. Fred Again is fire and my greatest regret of 2022 was not getting tickets early to his show. I won’t make that mistake again yo.

13. Steve Lacy – Gemini Rights

The guy all the kids want to go see in concert, whose album has zero music for kids. If you’re a Steve Lacy fan or a fan of The Internet, then this album is a standout one for sure. 

12. Kodak Black – Kutthroat Bill Vol.1 

“I’m a different kind of nigga, I can’t be stopped, I can’t be cloned
I’m a different kind of nigga, I can’t be bought, I can’t be sold” – Kodak Black

The internet will have you thinking this doesn’t say anything relevant but they’re wrong. 

11. Drake & 21 – Her Loss

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, this is the most inspired Drake has sounded rapping in years. Middle of the Ocean alone would put this album on my list. 

10. Babyface Ray – Face

“They laughin’, thought it was sweet, I pull up, these niggas sour” – Babyface Ray There will be no Babyface Ray slander on this page. 

9. Ambré – 3000°

This is what I consider the most slept-on release on my list this year. Ambré is amazing and this project will explain my sentiments on her music. Everything feels concise and it’s refreshing to listen to. It’s music you can feel man. 

8. Smino – Luv 4 Rent  

This is the most unique-sounding album on my list this year. You can’t box Smino into a specific sound because he blurs the lines and blends elements of so many genres into his music. Even the pocket he picks and the melodies are unique to him. I can’t think of another artist doing this man. 

7. Vory – Lost Souls

Vory is one of those artists with so much potential man. The jump between his debut and Lost Souls is very impressive. He keeps getting better and finds new ways to make impactful and vulnerable music. This is a great album.

6. Beyoncé – Renaissance

I’m not even a Beyonce fan like that but this album is hard man. The production is fire and although every song might not be for me, I can’t deny the quality of the music on this album. It’s a vibe man. 

5. Pusha T – It’s Almost Dry

Full Pusha T bias! Cocaine bars are welcomed with Day Four. Pusha T really gave us his best album to date in 2022.

4. SZA – SOS

This album sounds like a black girl R&B, pop and punk album all at once. I’ve never heard anything like this in my life so for it to also sound amazing is a feat in itself. SZA is breaking the mould again with another great album.

3. Lucky Daye – Candydrip

If I had to pick one R&B album as my favourite of the year it’s this one. The artwork is a bit out there but the music is undeniable. This is what R&B needs to feel like in 2022 man. 

2. Little Simz – NO THANK YOU

This might seem contradictory because this album didn’t finish top 5 in my top 15 hip-hop albums of 2022 but what an album man! Little Simz is at it again providing us with triumphant and cinematic music. The content of her music is honestly in that Kendrick lane but she really makes it her own. Although I thought other rappers might have rapped better, this overall body of work is something special man.

1. Asake – Mr. Money with the Vibe

Yeah, this is my album of the year man. With the Amapiano sound gaining traction around the world, this could be one of those albums that brings more attention to the genre. If your album sounds like the soundtrack to a movie about an African prince, you got my attention. This album does that and then some! 

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