I Think It’s Time We Talk About…Clavish

– blkcory

Listen, this week’s drop is really for the street rap fans only. If you came for some R&B this week, it will not be found because Clavish already said, “the only place you’ll hear him sing is in the booth”…and he does not sing. Anyways, whether you’re a UK Rap fan or not, I think it’s time we talk about Claivsh. 

I remember hearing “How it Goes” with zero context and zero knowledge about Clavish.  Off of one listen, I was like nah, this guy is gonna be nice yo. I remember having a real convo when this song came out that I dunno if they know what to do with this guy and I was right. He just dropped “Rap Game Awful” last week, and there is nothing you can do about it this guy! 

People thought it was a fluke but the man kept putting out more fire.

Now he finally has a full-length project out, and although I was worried about the length of it,  I’ve got to say pretty much all these songs can gwan yo. I didn’t really hear a track that had me saying, “I strongly dislike this”. What impressed me the most is he rapped alongside a lot of veteran names that I know in UK Rap but held his own. He’s rapping with the likes of Fredo, D-Block Europe and Youngs Teflon just to name a few.

I had high hopes for this guy Clavish man and so far he’s living up to my expectations and the hype. 

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