Songs that Aren’t Really About Love

– blkcory

So Valentines Day was this week and I found myself randomly thinking about love songs that aren’t really love songs at all. Songs with lyrics that have you thinking they’re talking about loving someone but in reality, the song isn’t about people at all. Since this wouldn’t be a day four drop if there wasn’t a list, here’s a small list of songs that aren’t really about love. 

Vince Staples – When Sparks Fly

The first time you listen to this song, you’ll be listening to the lyrics thinking that this song is the love story of the roadman that finds the sweet ting from the hood. The song is really about the relationship between a roadman and his gun from the perspective of the gun. It might sound cliché as a metaphor but it’s such a well-done song yo. Probably my most played song on his album.

D’Angelo – Brown Sugar 

I ain’t gon lie, when I was younger, I used to think this song was about loving a black woman. I was young, and I couldn’t even figure out why my cousin liked this shirtless man that sang so much. I didn’t know he was on dem ones yet. Anyways apparently this song is about heroin.

Common – I Used To Love H.E.R. 

Okay here’s a song that didn’t use love as a metaphor for drugs. In this song, Common’s actually using the woman’s life as a metaphor for how he first came in contact with hip-hop. 

Jay-Z – I know 

This song is a bit crazy because at different points, Jay’s essentially heroin, the roadman selling heroin to a fiend, and he might also love shorty like a drug. All in one track. We’re not having these Jay-Z debates fam.

The Weeknd – I Can’t Feel My Face 

This is probably the most obvious one to list. I still remember my mom’s reaction when I told her that her favourite song on the radio was actually about cocaine. It was as memorable of a moment as when my mom first heard the full lyrics to Gold Digger after buying Late Registration at the store. She turned the car around, went back to the mall and returned the album because of all the cursing.

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