Album Review: Lil Yatchy – Let’s Start Here

– blkcory

This album has been out for well over a month so I’m going to get straight to the point. This album meets the hype you’ve heard online. Speaking for myself personally, I’ve been looking for an album that gave me the feeling of genuinely listening to something brand new. I wanted to hear something from someone who sounded genuinely inspired. 

In this microwave era of music, a lot of the time we just get songs that sound exactly like other songs from the same artist or someone like them again and again. When we don’t get that, it’s likely because an artist tried to experiment. The large majority of the time, the experiment fails miserably and we hope to never have an album like that from that again (i.e. Kid Cudi – Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven). This album is the opposite. You can call it marketing or just people’s interest in hearing something unexpected, but the shift in sound worked for me. 

In complete honesty, this is the only Yatchy album I’ve listened to front to back because the majority of the time he doesn’t make music for me. This probably wasn’t meant for me either but it is an exception. I would argue that this is one the best attempts a rapper has had with a project outside of hip-hop since Kanye’s 808s & Heartbreak. This album isn’t rap, it’s not R&B and it’s not some sort of rap/rock fusion. This album sounds like Yatchy took acid and made a psychedelic alternative rock album…this album sounds like “Yatchy Impala”. 

With that in mind, some people will ask, “well why don’t I just listen to a Tame Impala album”?  My answer is that you already know the music Tame Impala would make. Why not try something that catches you off guard? From the live instrumentation to all the wild transitions that happen during and between songs, this album keeps you on your toes yo. 

 I still don’t fully understand the artwork, but I understand the emotion that is on full display throughout these records. He might not be the most outstanding vocalist I’ve ever heard in my life but he makes the vocals work. This album doesn’t sound like a half-ass money grab. You can tell that real-time, thought and effort were put into the overall listening experience and as a music fan, I really appreciate that. 

If I was picking one album from the month of January 2023 that I really think people should take in once, it’s this album. Never thought I’d ever say this but salute to Yatchy for this one. 

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