I Think It’s Time We Talk About…Bino Rideaux & Blxst

– blkcory

Listen fam, we can have a full in-depth conversation about the fire that both Bino Rideaux and Blxst bring to the game and we could give Sixtape 2 time to breath before we really talk about it but to be real…I’m not about to do either of those things. Ladies and gentlemen, I think it’s time we talk about Bino Rideaux and Blxst as a unit.

In August 2019,  Bino and Blxst dropped Sixtape and I remember being very curious when I found out about it because I didn’t know what to expect . I was familiar with Bino Rideaux because of his “No Pressure” mixtape with Nipsey in 2017 but if I’m being honest I didn’t know about Blxst until last year when he put out No Love Lost (fire project by the way). Anyways, when I did come across Sixtape I was very impressed. Its funny because some of the beats have this similar cali bounce to them but you don’t care because it’s a cali sound that you seem to only get from these two artists. What one lacks the other makes up for and genuinely completes the record. Songs like “Selfish”, “Savage” and “Wake It Up” really sum up the vibe of the mixtape. Only thing you end up wanting at the end is more songs. That’s where Sixtape 2 comes in. 

Did you hear Sixtape 2 or nah? I’m asking because from this point onwards, if you haven’t heard it, the energy I am coming with does not make sense. You didn’t hear songs like “Stressful”, you didn’t hear “Movie”, you didn’t partake in the listening experience that is “One of Them Ones” and at this point, you also probably haven’t listened to any of it without an unbiased opinion influencing your thoughts on it (I am that biased voice, sorry people). If you’re continuing from here, just know the bias shall continue.

Now back to Sixtape 2, are these guys serious fam?! Pure summer anthems on here for every single warm weather occasion. Are you kidding me yo?! These guys are snapping fam. They can just add something slightly new every few tracks and it’s got you stuck again. I played this all weekend because what else was I supposed to do once I heard this kind of fire? You’d think I do PR work for these guys but I don’t, I just think this project genuinely brings a fun listening experience. This definitely solidifies the fact that when these two work together, they bring an energy to records that only they can do together. 

Looking back at this, I probably sound like a stan here and you know what, maybe I am fam. Maybe I am. None of that has deterred me from my stance, I have not wavered. The music that these two put out together is still something that you’ll remember when the year’s over. Believe that. 

*Disclaimer: this was not an ad*

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