Pass the Aux -Novemeber 2022

– blkcory

Pass the Aux, a series dedicated to amplifying new and upcoming musicians. We will get you up-to-date in discovering new music monthly to the point where your friends will ask you to “pass the aux!” The first Thursday of every month consists of some of the members of dayfour choosing musicians to highlight. We will give you our thoughts, our feelings and our theories on those musicians (strictly from a consumer standpoint). 

*Have you got new music you want people to hear? Or perhaps you know someone that you think makes great music and just hasn’t had their big break? Make sure to follow us on IG and email links/information on new music to: We’ll be reviewing all submissions and deciding to focus on someone new each month. 

blkcory’s pick: NAIIM

Last week I went to Frisson Radio’s 4-year anniversary show in Kensington Market and go to hear so amazing performances from some underground local artists. However, this month I’m not here to talk about them. I’m here to talk about the artist I heard playing off a mandem’s phone outside the venue. The song was good enough that I approached the brudda and asked him whose music he was playing (big ups to Nour). The answer he gave me was NAIIM and that’s who I’m here to talk about today.

Dusty Winds

This is NAIIM’s latest song and from what I understand, a single for an upcoming project. A good sign for me is when I double back on a song and play it again. This was one of those ones. He’s got this melodic rap flow on the track but it slaps man. Reminds me a bit of Eli Sostre and that’s not a bad thing at all. Definitely check this track out.

Dark Side

This song is actually a song by Wake the Wild but NAIIM does the vocals and it slaps. This song makes you just wanna dance yo. It’s upbeat and more electronic than the other two records but it does sound out of place in his discography.

No Peace 

This record feels like one of those darker, “cruise in your whip late at night to clear your head after an argument with your girl” type tracks. The guitar rifts really add an element to the song that brings everything together. This is a hard record man.

Like the music? Be sure to follow her on socials @naiimsounds and stay up to date on any of her new stuff. Hope you enjoyed the read!

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