WATTBA vs. Her Loss

– blkcory

If you thought I was coming on here to say that “WATTBA” was the better album, you couldn’t be more wrong. “Her Loss” is definitely the better collaboration album I’m only here to tell you why.

Her Loss Doesn’t Sound Rushed

“Her Loss” is the first collaboration album I’ve heard in years that doesn’t sound like it was a quick money grab. This album sounds like it was planned and that both artists took time to make music they enjoy. The album is sequenced in a way that makes sense and the verses sound like they took genuine effort.

It was an album made when neither of the two artists were touring and you can tell. Both artists have had time to live and have experiences and they brought those experiences into this album. Is it toxic? Sure, but it’s their experience man.

Replay Value

Let’s be real, Drake and Future have way better songs outside of “WATTBA”. They have bangers that I go back to frequently enough but they are not on that album. I never wanted to hear “Big Rings”and I’m not sorry I said it. However, I can’t necessarily say the same for Drake and 21. “Her Loss” really has some of their best songs together. If that wasn’t enough, the replay value on this album is there for me. Over the last couple weeks, it’s been something I find I keep going back to because I find a new element of the album that I enjoy.


“Her Loss” sounds like a lot more of a balanced project. You can hear a subtle balance between Drake’s world and 21 Savage’s world throughout the project. “WATTBA” mainly sounded like Drake going into Future’s world and although that’s good for a few songs, it didn’t work for me album wise.

Drake and 21 Savage Both Sound Like They’re Trying

Both artists seem like they made an effort to put their best foots forwards from a rapping perspective. That could be because they push each other to rap better or it could be that they just genuinely had fun making the project. Either way it stood out.

To add to this, Drake sounds inspired again man. Which was something that was missing from CLB. For all of those that didn’t like “Honestly, Nevermind”, maybe he needed to go that route to restore the feeling he gets from rapping. Whatever the reason is, I’m glad that both Drake and 21 put their best foot forward with this project.

Point For WATTBA : Digital Dash

What I will say that “WATTBA” has over “Her Loss” is Digital Dash man. A song that is probably one of my all-time fav Drake and Future collabs. Couldn’t have asked for a better intro to an album. I heard that shit the first time and almost flipped over a table for absolutely no reason at all. So “WATTBA” gets a point here for having such a fire track.

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